Itchy Breast Nipples, Maybe This Is The Reason

Maybe you have suddenly felt itchy nipples. The itching can be mild and severe. Here are some causes of itchy nipples and how to overcome them. Itchy breast nipples are caused by several factors. Can be due to dry skin, or the most severe due to cancer. The itching that appears can vary in severity, the intensity of the desire to scratch can come occasionally or continuously. Although you really want to scratch, you should be careful. The reason is, scratching too often can damage the skin around the breast area, so that the skin in the breast can experience disturbances, such as blushing, cracking, thickened, or inflamed and swollen. Causes of itchy breast nipples Some of the causes of itching of the nipples are; Mastitis A common problem experienced by nursing mothers is mastitis, which is inflammation of the breast tissue. This condition can occur due to blockage of milk ducts or bacterial infected breast tissue. Mastitis can make the nipples itchy, swollen, red with pai
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